Metabolism Album Announcement

Beverages is the 3rd installment coming from Metabolism, a South African artist who recently moved to Berlin. While on a 10 year hiatus, he teamed up with D2D who have been pushing for his album to happen. Because it was just too good to leave it unreleased. ?

The album Beverages is based on social commentary in South Africa and the journey of Baslik, a character created by @metabolism.baslik . The project gives a unique view into the streets of Cape Town from the thoughts of a creative social party animal. It offers truth and promotes the Boombap sound of Hip-Hop, often overlooked by mainstream media, as today’s commercial sound seems so copy-paste and lacklustre. Metabolism aims to give u the sound that we are all accustomed to, with productions from his partner in crime Saturn. Those who have listened to Metabolism’s previous projects along with Writers Block Crew SA will know what to expect from the syllable wordsmith! ?

Beverages will be released on July 29th so stay tuned fam. It’s going to be a big one!
Link in BIO to presave the album?

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