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The album Beverages is based on social commentary in South Africa and the journey of Baslik, a character created by Metabolism.


Armed with a shovel and a SP-404, our loopdigga from Jena digs through breaks, loops and samples of all kind.


Es ist angerichtet. Hang&Otto, die Connaisseurs der Berliner Battlerap Szene sind zurück mit vier bissfesten Tracks.


Letztes Jahr noch aufwendig aus ihrem Bezirk amputiert, liefern die ehemalig siamesischen Zwillinge nun knackige Rohkost aus dem Exil.

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Metabolism Album Announcement

[NEW RELEASE]? Beverages is the 3rd installment coming from Metabolism, a South African artist who recently moved to Berlin. While on a 10 year hiatus, he teamed up with D2D who have been pushing for his album to happen. Because it was just too good to leave it unreleased. ?...

Loopnreiner Music Video

Premiere alert! Deck2Deck presents the official music video for the debut album "Reconstruction" by Loopnreiner. Accompany the Raptile on the search for the most perfect loop in town. What do you do when you can’t dig up another dope record, when everything seems to sound so meh? There’s only one...